Repair and design of apartments, houses, offices turnkey in Moldova

Office cosmetic repair

Office redecoration is a great option when you need to quickly refresh the interior. The builders will glue new wallpaper or repaint the walls and ceiling, replace the flooring, without redeveloping the premises. Our experts will be able to breathe new life into your office space.

Our advantage is a team of specialized specialists who work in one team. This means high-quality execution of turnkey office cosmetic repairs. Our designers make sure the builders follow the project. To order an office renovation, leave a request on the website or call us at the phone number indicated on the website. After agreement, our specialist will come to you, inspect your office, make calculations and make an estimate.

Office redecoration is a great way to quickly freshen up your interior.

Dismantling of old finishing materials such as wallpaper, flooring, decorative elements


Amorsarea suprafețelor pe care se vor efectua lucrări de finisare

Painting or pasting walls

Wall painting or wallpapering, depending on your requests or interior design

Laying the floor covering

Installation of your chosen flooring: laminate, parquet, carpet, etc.

Replacing sockets and switches

Replacement of the decorative part of sockets and switches without major work with wiring.

Installation of lighting fixtures

Installation of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures in an existing place.

Scheme of the work of cosmetic repairs of the office

Object inspection, budgeting

You leave a request for measurements, the time of the visit of our specialist is agreed. He inspects the premises, estimates the cost of repairs. An estimate is drawn up and handed over to the customer. You will know the cost and duration of your repair.

Selection of building materials

Our specialist will make a complete list of all the necessary materials. According to the interior design of your premises, he will explain what materials you should pay attention to, tell you how to save money.

Interior design development

The designer displays the smallest details of the interior, right down to color, furniture and its arrangement, but also the location of electrics, plumbing, that is, a full-fledged engineering project. You will also see how your apartment will look like even before renovation using 3D visualization.

Capital and technical works

Turnkey renovation includes major works, redevelopment of premises, relocation of walls, installation of plumbing, connection of utilities.


Builders apply finishing materials to flat surfaces: paint walls, lay flooring, install stretch ceilings. You can order a turnkey renovation and get an interior design as a gift.

The final stage

At the final stage, the foreman accepts the work, the workers take out the garbage and tools from the premises. After that, you come and personally check the quality of the work. Additionally, we offer cleaning services, and you will immediately come to the clean room. Warranty for repairs with turnkey materials - 2 years.

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