Repair and design of apartments, houses, offices turnkey in Moldova

Capital repairs ofices

Overhaul of an office is a voluminous and complex task of redevelopment of premises and cardinal changes in the interior. With our company you will not have to worry that the repair will take a lot of time - all work is carried out in accordance with the established schedule. We are interested in completing a high-quality overhaul of the office on time.

Relocation of walls, new layout, development of a new scheme of utilities (heating, electrical wiring, ventilation, etc.). This is followed by work with the interior. When developing a design project, we will take into account all the features of your office and select the layout of furniture and equipment necessary for comfortable work.

Any company that cares about its image and the comfort of its employees will sooner or later have to think about a major overhaul

Our craftsmen will completely remove the rough and final finishing in your home, if necessary, demolish the interior partitions

Construction of interior partitions

Necessary in cases where redevelopment is being carried out, or if old partitions need to be replaced

Electrical work

As a rule, in apartments of old housing stock, the cables are outdated and unsafe. They are being replaced by modern copper wiring. Switches, sockets are mounted.

Plumbing work

Our specialists will carry out piping, if major repairs are required in secondary housing, replace the risers of cold and hot water supply, sewers, heating risers.

Ceiling, wall, floor repair

Thanks to the high-quality rough work, it will be possible to make a really high-quality repair. After the rough finish, we will proceed with the finishing. It includes work on painting walls, ceilings, laying flooring, installing lighting fixtures and much more.

Features of office overhaul

Object inspection, budgeting

You leave a request for measurements, the time of the visit of our specialist is agreed. He inspects the premises, estimates the cost of repairs. An estimate is drawn up and handed over to the customer. You will know the cost and duration of your repair.

Selection of building materials

Our specialist will make a complete list of all the necessary materials. According to the interior design of your premises, he will explain what materials you should pay attention to, tell you how to save money.

Interior design development

The designer displays the smallest details of the interior, right down to color, furniture and its arrangement, but also the location of electrics, plumbing, that is, a full-fledged engineering project. You will also see how your apartment will look like even before renovation using 3D visualization.

Capital and technical works

Turnkey renovation includes major works, redevelopment of premises, relocation of walls, installation of plumbing, connection of utilities.


Builders apply finishing materials to flat surfaces: paint walls, lay flooring, install stretch ceilings. You can order a turnkey renovation and get an interior design as a gift.

The final stage

At the final stage, the foreman accepts the work, the workers take out the garbage and tools from the premises. After that, you come and personally check the quality of the work. Additionally, we offer cleaning services, and you will immediately come to the clean room. Warranty for repairs with turnkey materials - 2 years.

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