Repair and design of apartments, houses, offices turnkey in Moldova

Overhaul of the apartment

A major overhaul of the apartment is necessary if you plan to radically renovate the apartment. For example, redevelop housing, replace electrics, plumbing, piping, etc. Major repairs are carried out both in new housing, a new building, when it is necessary to turn an empty apartment into a comfortable dwelling, and in old apartments in which high-quality repairs have not been made for a long time.

Renovation of an apartment in a new building is a stage that follows after receiving the keys to the apartment. You need to understand that repairs in a new building are not limited to wallpapering or painting walls. More often, developers sell apartments in which there is no rough finish, plumbing and electrical wiring, budget double-glazed windows are installed. If the apartment is open-plan, then in addition there is no partitions. Only a few can independently at this stage plan all the nuances of planning so that the result of the repair met all expectations. In this case, we recommend contacting a professional designer to draw up an apartment project.

If you need to re-plan an apartment, the services of an architect and designer are simply necessary, since this is a long process of approvals in all sorts of authorities.

If you bought an apartment in a new building, you need to remember that in the next couple of years, natural shrinkage of the house will occur. If the repair standards are not followed, the renovation of your apartment may suffer from the shrinkage and backlash of the new house.

Stages of capital repairs of apartments

Cost estimate

Leave a request for apartment renovation by phone or through the website. Our specialist will come to you. He will inspect the apartment, listen to your wishes and calculate the prices for turnkey renovations.

Interior design development

The designer displays the smallest details of the interior, right down to color, furniture and its arrangement, but also the location of electrics, plumbing, that is, a full-fledged engineering project. You will also see how your apartment will look like even before renovation using 3D visualization.

Choice of finishing materials

You don't need to worry about buying and shipping building materials. We will independently bring and unload everything you need.

Capital and technical works

Turnkey apartment renovation includes major works, redevelopment of premises, relocation of walls, installation of plumbing, connection of utilities.


Builders apply finishing materials to flat surfaces: paint walls, lay flooring, install stretch ceilings. You can order a turnkey apartment renovation and get an interior design as a gift.

The final stage

At the final stage, the foreman accepts the work, the workers take out the garbage and tools from the premises. After that, you come to the apartment and personally check the quality of the work. Additionally, we offer cleaning services, and you will immediately arrive at a clean apartment. Warranty for apartment renovation with turnkey materials - 2 years.

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