Repair and design of apartments, houses, offices turnkey in Moldova

Renovation of apartments

The construction company "Casa de VIS" carries out turnkey renovation of apartments. We work in Chisinau and across Moldova. Professional planners, designers, engineers and builders in the state, direct contacts and agreements with suppliers of building materials, experience of repair work for more than 5 years allow us to set affordable prices, give guarantees for the work performed for up to 2 years.

To order a turnkey apartment renovation in Chisinau or Moldova, leave a request on the website or call us by phone. The manager will contact you, clarify some details and appoint the time of arrival of our specialist.

The range of work performed includes electrical design, replacement of plumbing pipes and various other activities. We will agree on the entire volume before signing the contract and will purchase the necessary materials ourselves. All you need to do is accept the result.

We provide a full range of apartment renovation services in Moldova and Chisinau. You can not only order the decoration of the apartment, but also the repair of houses, offices and other turnkey premises.

Stages of a high-quality turnkey apartment renovation

Cost estimate

Leave a request for apartment renovation by phone or through the website. Our specialist will come to you. He will inspect the apartment, listen to your wishes and calculate the prices for turnkey renovations.

Interior design development

The designer displays the smallest details of the interior, right down to color, furniture and its arrangement, but also the location of electrics, plumbing, that is, a full-fledged engineering project. You will also see how your apartment will look like even before renovation using 3D visualization.

Choice of finishing materials

You don't need to worry about buying and shipping building materials. We will independently bring and unload everything you need.

Capital and technical works

Turnkey apartment renovation includes major works, redevelopment of premises, relocation of walls, installation of plumbing, connection of utilities.


Builders apply finishing materials to flat surfaces: paint walls, lay flooring, install stretch ceilings. You can order a turnkey apartment renovation and get an interior design as a gift.

The final stage

At the final stage, the foreman accepts the work, the workers take out the garbage and tools from the premises. After that, you come to the apartment and personally check the quality of the work. Additionally, we offer cleaning services, and you will immediately arrive at a clean apartment. Warranty for apartment renovation with turnkey materials - 2 years.

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Warranty for all types of services 2 years

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